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GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight – Sonia Kazarova

In this exclusive GoGirl sit-down, we shine the entrepreneurial spotlight on single mom, opera singer-turned-entrepreneur Sonia Kazarova, who admittedly, “is still trying to figure it all out.”  Here’s one incredibly inspirational GoGirl whose story is sure to bring music to your ears – and tickle your taste buds!

Not too long ago, cookie connoisseur, baker businesswoman, soprano opera singer, and performing artist, Sonia Kazarova, found herself working in a bar as a wine sommelier– and broke.  In the midst of a rocky relationship and unable to fund her graduate prerequisite classes in music, new mom Sonia knew she had to make some pretty major life-changing leaps and bounds – for both herself and her new baby girl.  Birthed from a background of European bakers, Sonia decided to trade her bar skills for baking skills and started baking batches of the most mouthwatering, low-sugar, organic, 100% gluten-free cookies, way before the term “gluten-free” was Instagram-cool or trendy.  What started with a paltry five bucks, a trip to Whole Foods Market with a plate of palate-pleasing, freshly-baked goods on hand, and a delicious dream, Gluten-Free Goddess Bakery was born. 

The signature, Olympic athlete-approved baked goodies clock in at about 150 calories each, are low in sugar, artisan-crafted with all-natural ingredients, and sprinkled with a touch of love.  You’ll find each cookie beautifully encased in the prettiest packaging, and will surely be debating whether to snack or save.  But, just one bite will make up your mind!  Also, knowing that Gluten-Free Goddess Bakery gives back to charities, specifically in helping others realize their goals and dreams, will make the entire delectable experience that more satisfying. 

Bite-Sized Tips

Chew on these timeless, tasty tips Sonia divulged for any GoGirl looking to start her own brand or biz

  • Tell the Negative Nancy in your head to sit down and shut up.  Just get up every day and go for it.

  • Trust yourself, trust your gut, trust your heart, and trust the process. You’ve got this, GoGirl!

  • Have fun and enjoy the journey. It’s not always going to be a bed of roses, but it will be worth it!

  • Surround yourself with trusted friends and family who truly believe in your mission and who  want to support you and send feel-good, positive vibes your way.  You need the best of intentions in your corner during the process. 

From Cookies to Concerts

A lover of both concerts and traditional operas, Sonia created a rather unorthodox show entitled, “Aircraft” – forging the air of operetta voices with beautiful, limber bodies, all whilst incorporating visually-stimulating acrobatics and a powerful drumming team for good, artistically-satisfying measure.  Imagine Cirque du Soleil meets the Opera, this highly-immersive, unforgettably entertaining experience is anything but “expected,” and is quite entrepreneurial for show biz!

Final Notes

An undeniably indomitable spirit, Sonia took her then, two month-old baby daughter, Bae, with her to idyllic and culturally-rich Spain to study with the illustrious Maestra Diva Monsterrrat Caballe.  During this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Sonia was grateful to have participated as a performer in Caballe’s world-renowned master class before returning to the States.  “Keep going.  Never quit. No matter what ANYONE tells you.”  - Sonia Kazarova

About Sonia Kazarova

A self-professed, “work in progress,” this musical maven continues on her unconventional musical journey of deep, self-discovery and career development, intensifying her musical education, creativity, and skills as a theatrical performing artist and beloved soprano opera singer.  Sonia currently studies under the baton of Maestro Douglas Sumi of the Los Angeles Opera.  Enamored by music and the fine arts from a young age, Sonia quickly realized the power of music’s powerful ability to transport the soul to another time and place.  Ms. Kazarova continues to find soul-stimulating satisfaction through live performing, whether it be through operas, concerts, plays, and other eclectic, artistic collaborations.  She recently had the joy of working with rap artists, modern dancers, and other diverse, artistic groups who are unwaveringly dedicated to bringing all people together through inclusive, artistic expression.  Sonia continues to hone her craft of opera singing, the arts, and cookies through interminable and focused education, performance, expression, love, peace, and joy. 

Visit to learn more about this amazing, versatile entrepreneur, bakery businesswoman, and talented opera singer, and how you can order you own batch of fresh-baked, good-for-you yummies,.  For concert information and to learn more about Sonia’s “Aircraft” show, check out and    

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