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GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Diane Kazer

This GoGirl went from scoring goalies to scoring the prestigious title of Top Nutritionist in California when she decided to finally take matters into her own hands.  Losing lust for life?  You’ll fall head-over-high-heels in love with this goal-getter and wellness guru’s personal journey to health, harmony, abundance, and self-love.

Big-hearted, beautiful, colorful, and eclectic, former pro soccer player and financial advisor turned health and hormone expert and life coach Diane Kazer wasn’t always on the ball with her health.  The former flower girl was a born-athlete and successful bodybuilder, but suffered from chronic, seemingly mysterious ailments that left her and her doctors scratching their heads, unable to find an everlasting solution or cure to her increasingly inexplicable and problematic health.  

After being plagued with a plethora of bodily toxicities, inflammation, and unfounded illnesses, Diane decided to educate herself, get introspective about her soul’s goal, and heal herself from within – and help other women in the process.  Her work as a financial advisor always made her feel vivacious, as she spent her days helping others preserve their hard-earned wealth, while planning for their futures and the futures of their loved ones. It was then that she decided to sell her financial biz in Northern California and head down south to sunny SoCal and pursue her life’s purpose of helping others.

Her number one tip to GoGirls who are feeling conflicted, confused, sick, and tired is to stop and listen to your body.  Get to the source of the affliction.  Chi Warrior for Life, one of Kazer’s most popular programs, is aptly based on the acronym D. R. E. A. M. S. (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Adaptogens (herbal remedies), Mindset, and Stress Management) to help women “break free and break through.”  Like a warrior starter kit for those who want to get on the fast track of feeling energized, motivated, and mindful, this weekly program includes healthy and hearty recipes, nutritious on-the-go snack ideas, meditative mantras/affirmations, fitness tips and tricks, and more.  Learning to make little tweaks here and there can lead to big, meaningful changes for your overall health and wellness in the long run.

Diane’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and would-be business owners?  Passion, persistence, and purpose all rolled up into one pretty package.  Know your story, aka purpose, and explore and study it relentlessly until its deeply embedded into your soul.  Also, realizing that your inherent talents are NOT about you, but what you can give and do for others gives you a sense of responsibility that will not only embolden your drive to succeed, but catapult your motivation into overdrive.  When Diane experienced this epiphany, it was like the proverbial lightbulb lit right up and has been shining bright ever since.  If you’re feeling physically lethargic and spiritually unmotivated, but know you’ve got “work” to do for this world, start out by cleansing your body from the inside out.  De-toxify and re-balance your body and your mind will follow.  Hello bikini body and a new lease on life!

About Diane and the Chi Warrior for Life Program

Former star athlete Diane Kazer transformed her love for health, wellness, and women into a booming body-benefitting business.  A professional, industry-beloved Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Hormone Warrior, Diane is the premier purveyor and leading expert in the world of women’s hormones and metabolic challenges, including natural, entire body cleansing, and encouraging female empowerment and entrepreneurship.  Currently the most sought-after nutritionist in Orange County, California and professionally backed by traditional doctors and internists for her integrated, homeopathic “food and herbs as medicine” approach, Diane is certified in lab usage when absolutely necessary to seek and identify clues and cues of a potential calamity, disease, or disorder.  Featured in Yahoo Health, iHeart Radio, Playboy Radio, and Collective Evolution, her uniquely cohesive hybrid of homeopathic medicine, conscious entrepreneurship, intuitive eating/nutrition, gentle yoga, functional fitness, life coaching, and mindful living inspired her Chi Warrior for Life Program.  Her bestselling, body-boosting program digs deep to get to the root cause of chronic fatigue, stress, and lack of motivation through hormone healing and metabolic re-setting to re-calibrate, re-balance, and re-store mind, body, and spirit.

Diane’s programs seek to instinctively prevent problems rather than chase them, as is very common with modern medicinal practices.  With the implementation of preventative healing based on ancient medicinal philosophies, as opposed to modern medicine’s problematic “reactionary” responses are what sets Diane’s effective healing methodology apart from the conventional.  For ten, eye-opening years, Diane fastidiously studied and mastered the skills of treating and reversing the root causes of many enigmatic health issues.  Her own lifetime of frustrating health struggles and endless challenges, such as painful and unsightly cystic acne, undergoing a series of scary chemo treatments, unbearable, bed-ridden PMS, urinary tract infections, alcoholism, and more inspired Diane to explore and identify the natural causes of her enduring afflictions.  She traveled to over 25 countries in pursuit of health, healing, and happiness, immersing herself in each country’s distinctive culture of yoga, meditation, food, and love.  From Thailand, Bali, and beyond, Diane was well on her way to discovering life’s limitless potential, and ultimately learned how to heal her wellness woes, reverse her depression, and T H R I V E.  Like the warrior we are ALL meant to be. 

To learn more about the multitude of life-changing, customized health and life coaching programs personally designed by Diane, be sure to visit  Cleanse your body, heal your hormones, ignite your life!  Then, you’ll be able to conquer all your entrepreneurial aspirations and life-long dreams! 

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