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GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Marisa Kenson

From the humble halter top to the current couture-crazed crop top, notable fashion icon, internet e-commerce innovator, and designer distribution disruptor, Marisa Kenson, built her brand from a place of fierce familial love, nurturing, and strong female leadership.  Our very own quintessential GoGirl Jennifer Murphy, with her own flair for fashion, sat down with the stunning veteran designer to discuss how her first-ever fashion e-commerce social site hybrid is revolutionizing the industry, plus some tips and tricks for the aspiring entrepreneur.  

With her pioneering passion for fashion in the spirit of entrepreneurship and limitless potential, Marisa Kenson developed a ground-breaking system that provides each customer their very own unique e-boutique. is the first-of-its-kind fashion social platform with a turnkey business solution vibe. Customers receive all the benefits, including unlimited profiting and online store ownership without the dreaded duties of inventory, employees, fees, overhead, etc.  Beautiful, professional photography, styling tips and tricks, and other behind-the-scenes business affairs are all done for you.  No hassles.  No headaches.  No problems!  Just fun, fashion, and friends!  Your e-boutique can be stocked with the best of the biggest, most beloved brands, such as Coach, Gucci, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Bebe, Seychelles, and more.  As an official MKC retailer, you get to offer your shoppers a one-stop-shop ranging from apparel to shoes to handbags to cosmetics to accessories to toys and so much more.  Gadget genius superstore Sharper Image is even now available and ready for stocking!  

The blonde, buxom, model-esque mother of four and grandmother of eight, who in the seventh grade started making halter tops for a mere fifty cents each, has come quite a ways from her humble beginnings.  Having worked alongside a long list of legendary fashion designers as both partner and collaborator, Marisa Kenson’s advice to other Go-Girls: Embrace your creativity.  Kenson firmly believes creative people have innate creativity in ALL areas of their life.  Some words of wisdom from the fashionista fave are to “have no fear and just go for it.”  Plus, having a comprehensive game plan will help embolden your business venture.  Ideate, innovate, and create!   Kenson reminds us to learn how to navigate your life, while trusting the process.  It’s really all in the preparation!  

Concept to Cloth to Closet:  The Story and Marisa Kenson is an unprecedented social platform that brilliantly leverages fashion designers, stylists, shoe-aholics, beauty buffs, makeup mavens, and the everyday fashionista their dreams of opening their very own store – completely cyber-based!  What originally began as a social retail platform to build her brand, Marisa Kenson Collections, quickly morphed into a multi-line retailer supplying the biggest brands in not just all types of apparel, but accessories, toys, shoes, cosmetics, and innovative gadgetry.  In 2017, was birthed through this very vision.  Today, any visionary with a penchant for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and a dream to become an entrepreneur and live life on their terms can open their very own online boutique business by simply signing up to become an exclusive MKC retailer.  You curate your ultimate dream-come-true couture closet stocked with the hottest, name-brand designer duds, obsession-worthy cosmetics, and more! supplies your store with all you need to wear and share!  You get to enjoy flexibility and financial freedom, while being the star of your very own “fashion show.”  Plus, you have access to endless amounts of support from the community and a family of fearless fashionistas just like you.  The process is simple.  All you need to do is shop worth of $199 of the most coveted couture and sign up to become an online MKC retailer and enjoy 20% commission on every item sold through your personal store.  Build three chain stores and unlock an impressive 75% commission potential.  Share, show, and grow!  It’s that easy.  Be sure to visit to learn more and don’t forget to check out the goodies in Jennifer’s curated closet!  

After emigrating from Burma to the United States at age six, Marisa was already well on her way to seamstress-like success.  Spending creatively-rich, quality time with her grandmother Tilly – the entrepreneur extraordinaire – Marisa quickly harnessed the character of tenacity coupled with cause.  Tilly’s love for creating fashion designs copied from the eminent “American Sears Catalogue” would eventually rub off on young Marisa.  For the next 25 years, Marisa would work and collaborate alongside the world’s most prominent and iconic fashion designers and trendsetters the runways would ever know, such as Lane Bryant, Joe Boxer, Kohl’s, Cherokee, Disney, and so many others.  Her unrelenting zeal for fashion would eventually contribute to fashion sales exceeding the $1 billion mark.  This milestone would allow Kenson to develop her own clothing company that would create her trademark “clothes with confidence.”  Flattering, forgiving, and functionally fashionable designs gave way to her signature “Invisible Belt Dress,” a fashion fave amongst trendsetting stars, like Katy Perry, Aubrey O’Day, Dancing With the Stars’s Cheryl Burke, and the cast of hit reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County. By 2010, Kenson would embark on a mission to disrupt the increasingly challenging fashion industry by changing the method of distribution.  And, in August 2016, with the infinite opportunity of technology and social media, the new MKC platform was founded, forever changing the business of online retail.  According to Kenson, the new retailer is “You, the customer.”

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