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GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Michele Lando

The inexorable, self-professed acrophobe, Los Angeles native, UCLA alum, andbestselling author Michele Lando has indulged her lust for life by finding her courageand committing to it. Now, she dives right in – and out – of airplanes! And, this sassysister has been soaring ever since.

Former national star sales strategist, Michele Lando, co-founded Skilset Communications in
1994 and has been cultivating companies into cultures ever since. By guiding Fortune 500
CEOs, execs, entrepreneurs, and their teams to identify their purpose and passion through
deep, personal introspection, they learn to effectively align with their creative process and
company philosophy. Through her unique, proprietary, goal-getting strategy of PURPOSE,
PASSION, and PROFIT, Lando’s intuitive, brand-building process is all about deeply honing in
on one’s authenticity and ingenuity, discovering their true desires and personal purposes to
create and cultivate a company/brand that overflows with a true sense of meaning and rich
fulfillment. What gives one real joy, meaning, and depth in all aspects of their lives is what
Lando expertly and famously unearths from all her clients.

The Brains Behind Building a Biz – “C” for Yourself

Branding. It seems everyone is forever trying to create or build their “brand.” Michele pioneered
“individual branding” nearly 20 years ago – before it was a household phrase or Insta-savvy and
enterprise-fashionable. And, though social media has changed the rules somewhat, the basics
for building one’s brand have been consistent. Lando advises taking the time to do a little soul-
searching and deep introspection. Really make the conscious, deliberate effort to find your
purpose and passion by recognizing the things you are naturally drawn. Once you’ve really
identified the things you love to do, apply them to your business, or create a business model
around those specific things. Marry these cues and clues with a business idea or concept.
And, very importantly, don’t deviate from your findings, nor let anyone influence you to do other
than your heart’s calling. Embrace your individuality and just go with it! Everyone is different.
Be you. Be unique. Michele’s three “C’s” of conviction to this imperative creative process are:
CURIOSITY (about yourself, your surroundings, and the world); COURAGE (investigate
everything you resonate with); and COMMITMENT (stay the course and don’t give up!). A few
self-probing questions you can ask are: “Who am I?” “How do I differentiate myself
authentically?” “How do I ‘message’ myself and my burgeoning brand to an audience, and who
is my audience?” Identify your target demographic and modify your message to meet their
needs and desires. Remember to never lose sight of your choices when maintaining your
message. Michele’s renowned, business-building C.H.O.I.C.E acronym can help you get going
– Consistently Honing Our Intention Concerning Excellence. When you apply this mantra to
your model, it inevitably builds momentum and cultivation within your brand/company, creating a
results-driven, energetic flow. Forget trying to be a “Jill of all Trades.” Get laser-focused on one
super specific idea/concept, hone in, and make it happen.

Words of Wisdom – Closing Comments from a Brand Innovator

The most truly fulfilled, joyous leaders invest in their people, their teams, and their employee.
They instinctively help build them up to meet their utmost potential - and to be the best version
of themselves. When this personal and professional transformation takes place, a company
then transcends into a culture, and a job becomes a rewarding, self-fulfilling career you cannot
wait to wake up to each and every day! When you help to develop others and help them to
discover their true purpose, that’s a true-blue Go-Girl! And, seriously, what could be more
exhilarating and satisfying to the soul?

About Michele

A top 2% national female earner by the age of 28, Michele worked as a highly successful sales
strategist prior to co-launching Skilset Communications in 1994. Developing her original global
marketing training program for thousands of sales associates of top Fortune 500 firms, Lando
garnered effective, notable results. American Express, Wells Fargo, Cisco Systems, and
Prudential Retirement are just a few big names attached to her illustrious resume. Since her
Skilset start-up, Michele has tirelessly traveled the world, working as a keynote speaker for the
ever-growing TED talks vertical, has held seats on a variety of boards, and continues
customized coaching and leadership training through her numerous, tried-and-true programs,
including her international-based Indibrand program and famous CHOICE Series. Her
bestselling book, Create Demand for Your Brand From the Inside Out is currently available on
Amazon,, and in select bookstores; and is an indispensable tool and
starter kit for all aspiring entrepreneurs, goal-getters, and Go-Girls. Michele has always had an
insatiable wanderlust for Europe, specifically of the Portuguese variety, and a voracious
proclivity for jumping out of planes! Michele currently resides with her husband and best friend
of thirty years, Manny, in Los Angeles.

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