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GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight Series – Fuat Boran (GoGuy)

Man Up, GoGirls!  You’ll definitely want to check out our GoGirl Entrepreneur Spotlight Series’ first GoGUY who hails from Turkey, and who has quite a natural knack for the billion-dollar beauty biz.  Learn how the Amazon-selling savant successfully honed in on the hustle of making money, being happy, and staying endlessly motivated.  Fuat Boran immigrated to the United States in search of the American Dream…and found a computer on the sidewalk.  The rest is history.  See his story and get inspired STAT!  

The self-professed computer geek, indomitable survivor, and lover of “lots of money,” Turkish-born Fuat Boran utilized his open-mindedness, lust for learning, and motivation to kick start his lucrative business of building brands, which would eventually put him on the path to financial freedom, abundance, and happiness.  From humble beginnings to becoming the Amazon go-to guru to creating a successful, on-going business partnership with GoGirl CEO/founder Jennifer Murphy, Fuat started out working in a modest clothing shop in New York City when he arrived to the U. S. from Turkey in 2005. Barely able to speak a lick of English, the determined Fuat immediately immersed himself in the challenging, very distinct American culture – even when it seemed presumably futile at times.  Fuat stopped at nothing.  It was a walk home from work one evening that would change his life forever – and, ultimately, for the better.

After wrapping up his shift at the clothing boutique one early evening, Fuat noticed an abandoned computer lying on the edge of the city sidewalk.  Fuat picked it up, carried it back to his too-tiny apartment, and used his skills of computer geekdom to rebuild the machine back to new and thoroughly usable.  Then, he sold the like-new computer on eBay.  This led to purchasing other unwanted, seemingly “useless” computers, rebuilding them, and selling on the giant e-commerce site.  This endeavor would eventually lead to the discovery of selling on an even bigger and better platform – Amazon.  In time, Fuat’s propensity for re-building and re-selling once-defunct computers on the internet would dub him the Amazon Genius by interested, eager brands that wanted in on his selling secrets.  It took his resolute, go-getter attitude, computer “geeky-ness,” an entrepreneurial spirit, and a voraciousness to learn, grow, and thrive that helped him build his own business and make major bank. Fuat continually strives to live a good life, full of health, happiness, wealth, and developing products that people love.  The Turkish business brainiac’s straightforward advice to all would-be business owners is to be very, very specific with the product/service you wish to sell.  Don’t spread yourself too thin.  Instead, have a niche product/service and focus on that ONLY!  And, always stay positive and motivated in your journey to the top!

A Brush with Greatness

Enamored with her never-ending hunger for entrepreneurship, “go-get-it” work ethic, and quirky-cool attitude, Fuat unsurprisingly partnered with social media sensation Jennifer, CEO/Founder of GoGirl Worldwide and GoGirl Beauty, on developing beauty products for her growing GoGirl Beauty brand (smart and sexy!).  The brainy beauty and gorgeous GoGuy created an affordable, deluxe set of luxury make-up brushes comprised of resilient, skin-safe synthetic bristles.  And, that’s just the beginning for this beauty twosome.  There’s more products coming down the pipeline, so be sure to stay in the loop at


About Fuat Boran

His selling prowess and second-to-none instinctiveness for knowing “good,” click-worthy content that results in sales, Fuat is currently the Director of E-commerce at MerchSource in Irvine, California.  After mastering the selling secrets of eBay and Amazon, Fuat landed at Hypercel Corporation as Director of Special Accounts where he would oversee sales and development of Amazon, eBay, and mainstream, big-named department stores nationwide.  A highly-respected Amazon algorithm expert, Fuat would convert and improve listings of product SKUs using extensive market research and conversion, exponentially increasing both visibility and profitability.  Fuat is currently the founder and CEO of FBrandz, a unique hybrid of quality products, ethical business conduct, and expert team management all wrapped up in one, innovative service.  To learn more, visit

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